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Who the Teachers are:

Various teachers combine into Swing Gang

All Ganging up on you to

teach you the most current

moves from the last turn of

the century to this one!

Get those leather soled

shoes on to learn the

hottest Social Dance Moves!



Alexandria has been attending dance class and leaping around the house since she could walk. For more than seventeen years she has been teaching, performing, choreographing, and absorbing new movement styles. Some of her favorite experiences include teaching a class of her own design called Latin Movement for Ballerinas at the San Diego School of Ballet and touring Japan with The Zahirah Dancers, a raks sharqi (bellydance) troupe. Whether teaching couples at home or hundreds in a nightclub, she believes the joy of dance is for all human beings.

Burnie 'Deaf Jams' DJ
From Istanbul to Buenos Aires Burnie Gipson has taught & dj'd Internationally; sharing authentic Americana dances and music.

Spinning music from the past 2 turn of the centuries Classic Swing, Rockabilly, Jazz, Boogie, Surf, Classic Country to Latin Beats...

DJing around the world and the US from Chicago and Detroit for American Lindy Hop Championships. San Francisco:  Fillmore Jazz Festival, Art Deco Society of California Gatsby Summer Afternoon, Cafe Du Nord, Sundance Saloon, Tuesday Night Jump, SF Cats Corner, The Palace Hotel, Milk Club, Club Deluxe, Neck of the Woods and Rock-it Room... Oakland Clubs: East Bay Express BRIEFS Awards, Séduction Féroce and Dark Odyssey. San Diego's Firehouse...

In 2015 American Lindy Hop Championships as a dancing follow despite being progressively hard of hearing to Deaf Proud.

Teaching bio:

 Burnie brings you lead and follow
 variations and styles of Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa
 Swing, Collegiate Shag, Carolina Shag, Saint Louis Shag,
 Salsa, Country, and bunches of Ballroom dances!

 Mom's embarassing quote:
 "Burnie was conceived on Balboa Island..."


  Organizer of Swing U dance
 school, SF Bal Fest, Lindypendance Weekend,
 North American Open & Northern
 California Open Swing Championships, and
 International Swing Dance Hall of

 Burnie the dj and MC:
 Burnie has dj'd around the world and in the San
 Francisco scene for over 10 years
 starting at Queer Jitterbugs dances and branching
 out into the local and Internatioanl Lindy Hop scene
 with clubs such as Cat's Corner, in Monterey for
 Sara, in San Diego at the Firehouse, and as far
 away as Turkey and Buenos Aires!

 Burnie's main inspirational teachers
 and partners have been numerous; He has taken classes from
 Willie Desatoff, Frankie Manning, Paul and Sharon, Chad Kubo
 Jonathan Bixby and Sylvia Sykes, Eric Robison and
 Sylvia Skylar, Steve Garrett and Heidi Salerno; been
 inspired by Dean Collins and learned from any more amazing
 dancers... He has had many partners including: Lila
 Desatoff, Catrine Ljunggren, Patrick Germain, Hep
 Jen and other amazing dancers and

 Burnie, American, CA and NorCal Champ, has a
 vast teaching career:

2015 American Lindy Hop Champion, Jill Pro Division
 2009 Lesson in couples dancing and Jazz step of the week;
 Lindy in the Park
 2009 Teacher Swingn with the Stars, Phoenix, AZ
 2009 Teacher & Head Judge in Buenos Aires, Argentina
 2000-2009 Swing, Salsa & Ballroom Teacher classes in
 studio @ Live Art Gallery.
 2000-2009 Choreographer for Troupe.
 2009 Tabulator International Balboa Championships, Bal
 2008 SFLX committee
 2008 Teacher Istanbul to Ankara, Turkey @ Vintage Swing
 Workshops with Burnie.
 2008 1st to compete in International Lindy Champonships
 (ILHC) w/same gender partner.
 2008 California Same Sex Lindy Hop Champion.
 2008 Lindy Hop Teacher University of California San
 2008 Troupe class teacher, Tuesday Night Jump Verdi Club.
 2008 Teacher Swing'n with the Stars, Phoenix,
 2008 Monterey Balboa workshop
 with Burnie by Sara
 2008 Lindy Hop teacher at
 2008 Balboa teacher at Cat's
 Corner, SF
 2007 1st North American to teach Bal plus Head Judge in
 Buenos Aires, Argentina at Lindy Hop International Argentine
 Festival (LHIAF).
 2007 American Same Sex Swing Champion.
 2007 Swing Performer Sutter Health.
 2007 Teacher & trainee Vima Dance Ballroom, San
 2006 Swing Performer Sutter Health.
 2006 Nor Cal Same Sex Balboa Champion.
 2005 California Same Sex Swing Champion.
 2005 Judge Team Challenge Swing Central, Redwood City
 2002-2005 Various California Same Sex Dance Champion
 2002 Balboa Swing & Collegiate Shag teacher Metronome
 2001 Dance Teacher Training College.
 1997 Frequent dancer at Swing

Who is Teaching?

Various teachers combine into a Swing Gang!

All Ganging up on you to teach you the most current

moves from the last turn of the century to this one...

Get those leather soled shoes on to the learn the hotest social dance moves!