Sunday Swing at Lake Merritt Dance Center Oakland

Join Swing Gang

Join with a Dance Pass. A monthly pass for entry into dances! Think of it as your gym fee. 

You have access to our dances each month with a small donation to pay the rent. 

Friendly community of dancers by example!

We are a group of dancers and teachers open to adding more dancers and organizers.

Email us or stop by to say hi and inquire more!

We have partnered with different people and organizations... Special guest partners

BABS (Bay Area Balboa and Shaggers) & various Lindy Hoppers too... & we have partnered 

w/Queer Jitterbugs so as to be LGBT friendly. Deaf Friendly with Deaf & hard of hearing dance teachers 

(ASL available in some classes-email in advance to inquire). 

location, location, location...

Join us in the classical beautiful Veterans Memorial Hall which includes the Lake Merritt Dance Center

at 200 Grand Ave. in Oakland, CA!

directions on train, plane or automobile...

Well, not by plane; Google it...

Located near Lake Merritt!

Free Parking.

BART easily from 19th St. Station. Walk down 20th (turns into John W. Berkeley Way)

toward Lake Merritt stop at the Lake (don't jump in) turn left to see the building

(pictured above)

Entry is in side doors.