Leather Soles Crank up the sound!
Electro Swing & Vintage Dance

Merge into Weekly Dance Classes
& Monthly Speakeasy
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Crank It Up!


Don't limit us and we won't limit you!

We are a bunch of creatives making San Francisco Bay Area Awesome!

Make it so... With us! 

Whether an individual or group. We invite collaborators to do benefits & volunteers!

Who the Teachers are:

Various teachers combine into Swing Gang

All Ganging up on you to

teach you the most current

moves from the last turn of

the century to this one!

Get those leather soled

shoes on to learn the

hottest Social Dance Moves!


Who are Welcome?


Respect that we are a diverse range

of folks:

All genders, all orientations, all desires.

Partner Dance For Queers

And Other Outliers...

LGBTQ or an ally!

All bodies, all abilities, Hearing,

Deaf, hard of hearing and all between.

The building is wheelchair accessible.

No partner and no experience needed!!!


-Leather Soles

-Swing U

-Dance Q

-Queer Jitterbugs

-Queer Ballroom

-SF Bal Swing Fest
-Deaf Dancers