Weekly class Sundays  & MONTHLY 17 piece BIG BAND 'CLASS ACT' 3RD SUNDAYS!

-Classes 4:30-7:00pm by Swing Gang (a variety of teachers of Lindy, Bal & Shag!)

-CLASS CHOICE of SERIES Private Lesson, Beginning or Intermediate Group Series

 in Lindy, Bal or Shag...


for a month long dance pass for $10-$20 (depending on month) or drop in for $5 per dance drop-in (band nights more-see below).

Special guest partners BABS (Bay Area Balboa and Shaggers) & other Lindy Hopper groups-see about us...

LGBT friendly! Deaf Friendly-ASL available. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/356880504682935/

Swing classes:https://swinggang.eventbrite.com

3:30pm Collegiate Shag Private Group Lesson available
4:30pm Balboa Private Group Lesson available
Lindy Private Group Lesson available  
                                6:30pm Drop-in Basic lesson No Partner & No Experience needed
DANCE 7-9:00pm 3rd Sunday Band-Monthly 'Class Act'

More discounts: https://swinggang.eventbrite.com

$15 dance includes 6:30pm drop-in lessons
($5 weekly dance practica for pre-reg students with no band)

$20 for 3 weeks new member dance pass (includes band & dj nights).
$25 prereg for 2 weeks (includes entry to dance)
$35 prereg for 3 week series
(includes entry to dance) $5 more if paying at door.

$50 for 5 weeks; $60 at door.

MORE Class & Pass Online Discounts: $5 off if using Student discount code 'STUDENT' (w/current student id),
Seniors discount code 'SENIOR' or Military discount code 'MILITARY' 

sundayswing.net www.sundayswing.net http://www.sundayswing.net #sundayswing.net

sundayswing.net http://Sundayswing.net www.sundayswing.net

Swingin' Oakland Sundays at Lake Merritt Dance in Historic Vet Bldg
200 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA with FREE Parking or BART to 19th, walk on 20th to Lake Merritt. Bldg on left!

Join us WEEKLY!